IppocraTech allows to both perform test and access medical opinion with a single patented technology

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Patented Algorithm

The human organism communicates its health condition with two signals: ECG and PPG. The PPG signal communicates the behavior of the circulatory system that affects the whole body. The ECG concerns the heart, the only organ without which our organism cannot survive. Therefore IppocraTech technology exploits these signals which are captured by two sensors placed on the patented medical device, the real innovative technology.



Sensors and thermometer detect ECG, PPG, and temperature signals. As a result the user, thanks to this technology, can quickly obtain a reliable test by simply placing hands on the device

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The patented algorithm - resident in IppocraTech’s cloud - simultaneously measures with medical precision the five vital parameters and it is certified as a class IIa device

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Show 5 vitals test results comparing them to standard medical benchmark for an healthy individual and  ECG tracing. As a result they are available both in the app and on the web-portal


Medical Opinion

Users can share the reports with his Medical Doctor. In addition, IppocraTech has an
integrated telemedicine platform where users can ask for a medical opinion on a single/multiple reports

Example Report

This is an example of report provided by IppocraTech

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