IppocraTech's solutions can help the following customer segments

Pharma companies

Solutions pharma
  • Clinical Trials

    IppocraTech's technology can be used during clinical trials to reduce drop-out of patients. Self Monitoring increases consciousness and makes subjects feel they are doing something to control their health status.

  • The device 2.0 can be used for home self assessment in order to increase compliance of patients and adherence to therapy.

  • Medical center receives all data from patients and is able to analyze the health status and side effects as soon as they develop.

  • Pre and post operative phase monitoring

    Monitoring patients during preoperative phase and during postoperative phase (early dismissal). The patient can use the ButterfLife by him/herself during the preliminary check before medical visit. The MD can visualize data anytime and from his/her laptop/smartphone. Each single patient can use the device 2.0 for remote monitoring of the vital signs. Telemedicine platform is integrated in IppocraTech's technology; using this integrated system MD can monitor the patients and perform tele-health visits.

  • Chronic patients home monitoring

    Patients such as heart failure ones can be home monitored to get early signs of dysfunction.

Private Hospitals

Solutions hospital

High-end health & fitness clubs

Solutions fitness
  • Value proposition increasing

    The high-end health & fitness clubs are interested in IppocraTech's solutions since having vital signs monitoring service increases their value proposition.

  • Training check and verification

    The monitoring service is used both as a welcome check to prepare a training program and as a verification of the effectiveness of the program itself.

  • Sport medicine assessment enhancement

    Can be easily potentiated by using IppocraTech's technology. In addition to the five vital signs the algorithms calculate heart rate variability, and, by July 2022, lactate (non-invasively).